Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sharing Stefanie

My Stefanie is into the habit of sharing all her things with us. From food to toys, even paper cut-outs, nothing escapes the chance for her to do a good deed. There is no way we could turn her down, especially when she drops her infamous "it is good to share" line. Shiela and I could just shake our heads every time we find ourselves overwhelmed. We taught Stefanie the virtue, but we did not realize that she would take it faithfully.

Honestly, I often get irritated having to keep all of Stefanie's hand-me-downs or being forced to try whatever she is nibbling. I have to be careful though not to make her feel dejected. I may find it trivial, but to Stefanie, to someone who is sincerely sharing all that she has, it means the world to her.

In one of my consulting projects, I have a legitimate area of profit enhancement (on top of my fixed revenue); however, I chose not to pocket it. Instead, Paolo and I decided to pass them on, one hundred percent, to our team of consultants. My former business partner, who heard of the give away, could not comprehend my act. He questioned me for obvious reasons.

Paolo and I have our motivation. Like everyone else, we need to make a living. Nonetheless, we would like to see more plates that are just as moderately full. We do not expect gratitude from our team. Seeing them spend 15 working hours in a day to make our client happy is enough expression of thanks.

It is definitely good to share. If a 4 year old can do it, we all can.


Lorille T. Dacasin said...

yes not all, my step dad had been very good to me till his death. i just got confused of your dad 1 & dad 3 :)

Prodigal Son 35 said...

hi Lorille,

thanks for dropping by. i've 4 dads actually, sorry it confuses me too at times. but it has been all good. cheers.

musicmaniac said...

Thanks for visiting my friend,please come again,wish you a great day.