Saturday, April 11, 2009

Foundation of trust

Kids are really fortunate. Mistakes committed, either because of ignorance or adventure, are readily forgiven. Moreover, being young allows for ample time to recover.

Growing up, I was quite mischievous. Well, who among us did not go through such a phase in our childhood lives? Anyway, I am glad to be over the once embarrassing and forgettable chapter.

As an adult, I am lucky to have developed friendships, although few, laid on foundations of trust. All made possible by my early renewal, timely remorse.

Recently, I needed to post a bond for an undertaking. It was US$10,000.00 worth and needed a co-signor, a trusted ally. Without any hesitation, a friend casually signed up. He did not even read the documents; my word was enough. In another occasion, a former business partner transferred his shares of stock to my new group for nothing. Then, there are those who would literally and insistently offer their cash for use in exploratory ventures.

Trust is not about leveraging. The lever is trust.

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