Saturday, August 22, 2009

To be at one's beck and call

Around 8am yesterday, my phone rang. It was my client. I had to ignore him. I could not be bothered. It was a public holiday, so I decided to sleep in. A few minutes later, I got another call. Half asleep, I crawled toward my phone to check on the caller. It was the same client. My wife suggested that I take it, but I reasoned that the client was not on my calendar. Shortly, I was back under the sheets.

An hour later, I woke up of my own accord. Fully conscious, the first thing I did was return my client's call. He did not pick up; I expected that. I sent him a text and got a reply. Everything was okay. We have an appointment on Monday.

Most of my clients are rich and powerful. They are used to calling the shots. People around them are supposed to be submissive, or else... the highway. The perks of affluence. However, being their contractor, I do not allow them such luxury. I do not mind taking the highway, and I let it be felt. I am never at their beck and call.

A friend once said, "Most people would be willing to pay if only to have a 15-minute audience with a VIP." Unfortunately, I am not most people. In fact, I usually make myself scarce. Regardless of who the client is, I will have to get back to them if they wish to rearrange an appointment. I am sure they hate it, but they will have to get used to it.

We do not need to be affluent to have dignity; however, we have to realize it.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Greed over less

I worked a total of 71 hours last month, roughly 3.55 hours a day. Meager, yet I whined about being used up. Last May (my best and most productive month), I logged 51 hours and still complained. Could it be laziness? Not quite. I am an Ox.

My goal is not to work long and hard. I despise it. I prefer short and sweet. The vision is to get as much done through others. The route will allow me to accomplish more in less time. It has to be; otherwise, I will see myself as a failure.

I reckon that I should be more appreciative of the fact that I am able to get by.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Segregated standards

Stefanie, my kindergarten daughter, is enjoying every minute of school life. I thought she would give her teachers and classmates hell, but she proved me wrong. Her discipline in class is nothing short of immaculate. Stefanie must have left the chaos at home, like most of us.

I must admit, I used to follow different sets of ethical standards: professional and personal. It was never my intention to be a better person outside our family home, but it somehow exhibited. Segregated standards, anyone? Quite shameful!

If I am capable of forming business partnerships, I should be able to strengthen basic bonds with relative ease. As approachable as I am at work, regardless of my mood, my family should have an even better access. A staunch professional ally, I should be able to display unimpeachable loyalty to my spouse. If I could lead a team, why cannot I lead myself?

Stefanie is a preschooler. I am not. She will learn ethics soon. I may not see soon anymore. I have to do good now. Just good.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Mind of a married man (?), part 2


Wife: My husband and I need to talk.
Husband: If it is not a matter of life and death, it could wait. After checking my email would be good.

Wife: I really need to talk to him. As a matter of fact, it has to be now.
Husband: I will be done real soon. In the meantime, I will have my wife jot down the agenda. She can send it either through fax or email.

Wife: I cannot seem to get through my husband's mobile phone.
Husband: I just could not be bothered. Either I am in a meeting or mating. If I am idle, I still could not be bothered.


Wife: It is my friend's birthday. I will bring my husband to the party.
Husband: I might be sick on the said date.

Wife: My folks are expecting us.
Husband: They are our folks. If we cannot make it, they will surely understand.

Wife: My husband rarely goes out on socials. He is all work.
Husband: My work is public. My socials are extremely private. I work on both occasions.


Wife: That client could not be ringing my husband. My husband is no longer connected with the company.
Husband: Women are instinctively smart.

Wife: Of all the women he has worked or partnered with, I do not trust them all.
Husband: It is never a good idea to mix business with pleasure. Never again (?)

Wife: Business is good. My husband seems to be straight.
Husband: It is good to be straight. I still miss the days though.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mind of a married man (?)

The language and scenes below are not suitable for young audience. Parental guidance is advised.


Wife: Men are totally wrong. Household economics is never easy.
Husband: What is so difficult to accept is having to provide for someone totally unrelated to you.

Wife: My husband can do whatever he wants as long as I have his ATM card.
Husband: My wife can have all my cards. I have a "guerrilla" fund anyway.

Wife: He cannot fool around. I have his cash.
Husband: I am not a dirty old man yet. I do not need to pay.


Wife: I fought with my husband earlier. I am going to shop and unwind.
Husband: Good thing my wife nagged me again. I have every reason to come home late.

Wife: I cannot count the number of times he has lied to me. He will never change.
Husband: I did not lie to my wife. I kept mum.

Wife: He should have told me.
Husband: My wife does not want to hear what I have to say. She said so.


Wife: My husband has a taste for women.
Husband: A healthy diet calls for variety. I should not be having toast every morning.

Wife: Marriage and monogamy are inseparable.
Husband: To have several relationships is polygamous, to have just your wife is monotonous.

Wife: He is having an affair. He lied to me.
Husband: I am not lying to my wife. I am lying to my fling.


Wife: I am willing to give him a second chance, if only to save our marriage.
Husband: My wife loves me so much. She will always be willing to forgive me.

Wife: Sorry means nothing.
Husband: We are going out on a date later.

Wife: My husband has changed. I am so happy.
Husband: Women are totally wrong. Although it is not easy, men are capable of change.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Liar, liar, pants on fire

I caught up with Jen, my brother's girlfriend, on YM (Yahoo! Messenger) yesterday. She was upset that Paolo stood her up for a date. She was told by the latter that, at that very moment, we were having a meeting at my place. Funny, my calendar indicated, "REST DAY." In any case, Jen chatted away in disgust like a steam locomotive. I was astonished and did not have the chance to mention that I was in fact using my wife's YM account, but I was quick to point out that there was no meeting. Thinking she was venting to my wife, Jen kept on.

In the middle of our steamy conversation, I phoned Paolo. I needed to check his whereabouts before I report a missing person. Realizing that he was home and resting, I went back to Jen. I suggested that she pay my brother a visit; however, she declined. Either she did not want to invite herself or she did not want to be astonished herself! Just kidding.

The problem with lying, especially when it involves other people, is synchronization. The set of circumstances above is a classic. A classic disaster!

I used to be a chronic liar boyfriend, but I would always get away with my charade because there were only few characters involved. More often than not, it was a one man show. When pushed into a corner, my code was to stick to the lie. Like a prisoner of war, I would rather die than talk. Maybe I have been watching Rambo too often. Anyway, I always thought that women would prefer to trust in the fib and lie to themselves than to believe in the obvious and get hurt.

To confess is ideal; however, denial is the deal.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Follow through

I have added a Followers widget upon the suggestion of a visitor, Martinasensational. Somehow she enjoyed reading the posts.

Thanks, Martinasensational.