Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In love and irrational

After four years of lust-hate relationship, I finally bid farewell to my partner-in-crime. Had I listened to my wife, the send-off could have been much sooner and less hurtful. However, I was madly in love then; I was irrational.

When you are taken with something, reason is often thrown out of the window. Passion is not always malicious, but it could reign over you. I must confess, for a moment, I was a submissive slave. Worst of all, I took it beyond plain appreciation of beauty.

My partner-in-crime kept me company whenever I was away from home. She made me feel so secure. Yes, I cared for her a lot; she was my baby. Our companionship was like no other, but life is no fairytale. People change.

Apart from having to pull back because of the times, I am now more logical. No more high-maintenance. Goodbye, classic car.

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