Saturday, December 20, 2008

Unfit for employment

The security of a steady paycheck has never been my motivation. While I may have had a 16-month stint as an employee, I was self-employed all of my life. I did not have the luxury of a family business to dabble with; I just thought differently.

Being on the payroll helped me launch my career as a consultant and trying-to-be entrepreneur. Unlike some who would get the scare of their life on the idea of losing their jobs, I was fearless. Against the opinions of my mom and aunt, the two most important women in my life then, I took on self-employment and never turned back.

As an employee, I spoke my mind. Tact, diplomacy, or whatever you want to call it, was not my greatest virtue. I was the worst player to engage in corporate politics. Good thing I did not stay long; otherwise, I would have hurt more feelings.

Just a few years ago, in a consulting job, I was exposed again to the game that I did not want to play: office politics. If I was a total stranger to the client, I would have been branded as difficult. Fortunately, they knew me well as someone who stood firm on principles, and they bet on it successfully.

I am not an honorable man, but I want to keep whatever principles I have left intact. With such attitude known to me since the day I held a time card, I knew then that I was not fit to be an employee.

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