Monday, December 29, 2008

Southern family hideaway

For the last couple of years, my family would spend our December holidays with my in-laws. It was no different this year, except for some missing members of the entourage who had to fly out on business. How sad.

My in-laws' southern hideaway is a 30-minute drive on the freeway from our place, something I consider a long drive. Admittedly, I easily get bored behind the wheel. Moreover, speeding with my family onboard worries me. If not for the commute, every week could be a vacation.

The place is far for from regal, no mansion whatsoever. What makes it magnificent though is that it is home. It is where I feel like I am back to being a child again. I would not trade it for a million bucks. Oops, on second thought, let me reconsider. Seriously, there is no better place.

It will surely be the same next year: at home with family.

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