Friday, August 14, 2009

Segregated standards

Stefanie, my kindergarten daughter, is enjoying every minute of school life. I thought she would give her teachers and classmates hell, but she proved me wrong. Her discipline in class is nothing short of immaculate. Stefanie must have left the chaos at home, like most of us.

I must admit, I used to follow different sets of ethical standards: professional and personal. It was never my intention to be a better person outside our family home, but it somehow exhibited. Segregated standards, anyone? Quite shameful!

If I am capable of forming business partnerships, I should be able to strengthen basic bonds with relative ease. As approachable as I am at work, regardless of my mood, my family should have an even better access. A staunch professional ally, I should be able to display unimpeachable loyalty to my spouse. If I could lead a team, why cannot I lead myself?

Stefanie is a preschooler. I am not. She will learn ethics soon. I may not see soon anymore. I have to do good now. Just good.


dyeve said...

mmmm...dont worry my friend..everything will be al me..I know what Im talking son have already,
I wish to all youre family including youre beautiful and sweet doughter..much healthy, luck, love & peace and much Sun in youre entire life..It will be will see..smiles

Prodigal Son 35 said...

hi dyeve,

thank you very much for your inspiring words.