Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mind of a married man (?)

The language and scenes below are not suitable for young audience. Parental guidance is advised.


Wife: Men are totally wrong. Household economics is never easy.
Husband: What is so difficult to accept is having to provide for someone totally unrelated to you.

Wife: My husband can do whatever he wants as long as I have his ATM card.
Husband: My wife can have all my cards. I have a "guerrilla" fund anyway.

Wife: He cannot fool around. I have his cash.
Husband: I am not a dirty old man yet. I do not need to pay.


Wife: I fought with my husband earlier. I am going to shop and unwind.
Husband: Good thing my wife nagged me again. I have every reason to come home late.

Wife: I cannot count the number of times he has lied to me. He will never change.
Husband: I did not lie to my wife. I kept mum.

Wife: He should have told me.
Husband: My wife does not want to hear what I have to say. She said so.


Wife: My husband has a taste for women.
Husband: A healthy diet calls for variety. I should not be having toast every morning.

Wife: Marriage and monogamy are inseparable.
Husband: To have several relationships is polygamous, to have just your wife is monotonous.

Wife: He is having an affair. He lied to me.
Husband: I am not lying to my wife. I am lying to my fling.


Wife: I am willing to give him a second chance, if only to save our marriage.
Husband: My wife loves me so much. She will always be willing to forgive me.

Wife: Sorry means nothing.
Husband: We are going out on a date later.

Wife: My husband has changed. I am so happy.
Husband: Women are totally wrong. Although it is not easy, men are capable of change.


aspotofblog said...

Some of these are so true. Thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

I believe you really have changed for the better, keep it up son! I love you......

Prodigal Son 35 said...

hi aspotofblog,

firstly, sorry i inadvertently pressed delete on one of your messages. sorry, i lost the "you do not lie but only omit certain things." anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts. i wish i could share more but the blog might end up being classified as an "adult" blog.


Prodigal Son 35 said...

hi Anonymous,

i hope i have changed. the little devil in me is still lurking. it is quite an effort to suppress it, but i am trying to win the battle one at a time.