Saturday, July 4, 2009

It is not always bread

I must be getting too old. Nicole and I were joking the other day about how I sound like whenever I start giving out my sermon. Given the physical distance between us, my guidance can only go so far.

Nicole is in the middle of a grand vacation, shopping until her legs give in. She must be enjoying every minute of it, while the rest of the world is in recession. Like normal ladies her age, she salivates over the latest trends. I just have to remind her often that there are greater things in life than suitcases of LVs splurged with stuff. Anyway, my mom and aunt Janet are there to guide her... where the good stores are.

At the most, maybe, we will get to enjoy life's pleasures for 100 years. If, and only if, we exceed the normal life expectancy and remain Alzheimer-free for the rest of our years. Thereafter, it will either be an eternal bull market or the greatest depression (for-)ever.

Without being hypocritical, I too strive for comfort; however, I also do appreciate that living is about equilibrium. Hence, I will always be here to temper my daughters' addictions. I do not want to see them drunk. I desire that they be in their senses.

The goal is not to put our monies where our mouths are. The goal requires no cash, only righteousness.

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