Tuesday, February 24, 2009

On time(x)

My business is largely dependent on proper scheduling. While it is no longer as chaotic as before, it could still be stressful on occasion. Good thing, appointments are the only pressures I have to deal with, and since they are self-imposed, they are variables that I can manipulate. However, what I have no control over is the attitude of the party involved, especially on the subject of punctuality.

A friend of mine said it perfectly, "lateness is stealing other people's time." How many of us are in the wrong of robbing others of a luxury that we cannot afford to repay? Frankly, I would rather be cheated monetarily, knowing well that there will always be tomorrow to recover, than to be robbed of time that will forever be lost. How about you?

Over the years, I have learned how to deal with people who are inconsiderate. I have not mastered the craft yet, but I am getting there. Unlike in the past when I would wait miserably for an appointment to show up, I leave. If one does not appreciate my business, I would gladly take it somewhere else.

I am not a big fan of wrist watches; I only wear one on important events. (Incidentally, I would like to thank Mr. M for the constant supply of Timex watches. Timex keeps me on time.) However, I still do make it on the dot. And if Mr. Z, the tycoon client of mine who has businesses the world over, can make it early all the time, no one has an excuse. Actually, it is not the watch but the respect.

Respect is permanently inherent in meetings, whether business or otherwise.


Bhing said...

I have a timex watch and it made me sad noOng nasira siya.. It lasted for 2 and a half years sa akin.. kaya may sort of sentimental value na rin.. hehe

Prodigal Son 35 said...

thanks, Bhing for dropping by. except for the watch given to me by my mom, i only wear timex. i'm an advocate of the brand and of my friend.