Friday, February 27, 2009

I am back

It was not until middle of last year when I stumbled over web logs. We set up a new company and were looking for cost-efficient marketing avenues; hence, the birth of my first blog. Although the site was very corporate and marketing-driven, I enjoyed every bit of it. In fact, blogging rekindled my passion for writing.

I have been writing for publications since 2000. From being a neophyte, I evolved into an experienced, paid writer. It was a hobby that generated frequent loose change for a budding writer like me. Even so, I took pleasure in seeing my works either put into print or sent to your mobile phones. My photo that accompanied some of my articles was a bonus for the readers. :)

February of 2006 was my last published article. I lost interest and decided not to renew my contract. The fire was gone. What was once an art form for me has become a chore. Believe me, when you have to beat deadlines, it becomes one.

Now, I am back. After a two-year hiatus, I am excited again, although in an entirely different setting. I hope this one is for keeps.


Francis said...

Please visit my blog

Prodigal Son 35 said...

hi Francis, i already did. cheers.

Bruce said...

I have once heard, someone has a hobby that you do for a living, and visa versa, and if you switch jobs, you get paid to play.
I always wondered, since a hobby you do when you chose and a job is every day. Would it still be fun if your forced to do it. I guess you answered it.
Nice post.

Prodigal Son 35 said...

Am back to the hobby now, sir. Cheers.