Friday, February 20, 2009

I am not independent after all

For seven years of my married life, I have not exercised my faith. Except for the rare, half-hearted prayers, I could not be bothered. I pretty much relied on my own abilities. Things were going well, why fix it. I was independent, I thought.

I have nothing against those who do not recognize the existence of an even Greater Being. I, at some point, have also embraced the axiom: Comfort is achieved through hard (smart) work. Spot on, in earthly respect. However, is it the true essence of life?

Eight years into my marriage, I became conscious of the creature that was me. I learned to appreciate all that there is to life and beyond. My relationship with God, family, and the lives I touch are of significance now more than ever.

I know I exist for a reason. A journey defined by righteousness is life's essence. I would like to work hard and smart for it. The path leading to the One who blew into me life, I would like to see my family walking with me.


judie_may said...

Very well-said. At some point of our lives, we may lose track. We thought we're near to the end. And I think that's why we need other people, especially our loved ones, to help us go into the right track of our lives, to the direction to where God wants us to go, and to follow Him. God bless. :)

Prodigal Son 35 said...

God Bless, judie_may!