Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Open letter to Dad 1

Dear Dad 1,

I hope all is good there in Europe, but I am sure that all would be better if tita were around.

Yesterday, we had a send-off lunch with tita in the country club. It was a sumptuous treat.

It is always nice to exchange thoughts and laugh with her. However, under the shimmer, it was quite obvious that tita's smile could still shine brighter. Yes, the big smile was there but short of perfect. You are the missing piece.

Your relationship, I understand, is none of my business, and I may be crossing the line.

Anyway, I do not think that tita has the personality to impose her will, but I could read that she is yearning for quality retirement years together. You have worked hard all these years to build your reputation in the field of business and your nest egg; now is the time to intensify further your oneness with tita.

Pardon my unsolicited opinion.

Your family home is waiting for you.

Prodigal Son 35

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