Monday, January 5, 2009

The year that will be

I am looking forward to a very busy year ahead. In addition to what has already been keeping me preoccupied, quite a couple of revenue generating opportunities are in the pipeline. Hopefully, they all prove to be profitably worthwhile. No overdrafts for a change.

The first order of the day is to reorganize a five year old company. Changes in ownership and management are being formalized in preparation for a project early this year. After more than a year of negotiations, our efforts have finally paid off. Persistence-fatigue almost caught up on us. Good thing we persevered.

Also, we are looking at organizing something offshore. For this particular venture, credibility and shelter from taxes are top priorities, thus the need to go offshore. The only area of deliberation is whether to use an existing company as the legal vehicle to hold the interests abroad. With diligent marketing, the business has a lot of potential.

In another related development, reviving a recently dormant undertaking could be another item as there is a client-in-waiting. As a matter of fact, we have turned down prospects. Success here hinges on the progress of the world economy, which as of yet is in the pits. We do not want to just throw the dice. We will patiently wait.

Wedding bells are ringing. Ouch! I have gone through this before and to do it all over again is monotonous! Kidding aside, my marriage needs some serious blessing. If ever, a very simple exchange of vows would do, maybe no more guests. We are doing it for us anyway, not for anyone else. No concrete plans yet, but it will happen. My old dress shirt is still good.

To those who are not in the know, the abovementioned opportunities may sound great. Okay, okay, apart from the wedding bells. With any luck, 2009 does more than just sound great. I would be happy if only to pay off some bills. I will keep you posted.

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