Monday, November 24, 2008

My Achilles Heel

I am the first to admit that my Achilles Heel is finding pleasure in the company of women. No, I am not a social creature. On the contrary, I am very private. Let us just say that I am what you would call as intimately hospitable.

The aforesaid was my life then. My fascination for women was not just contained between my ears, it had to be brought to fruition between my legs. If an opportunity presented itself, I was there to take hold of it. If there was none, I would create one. Back then, I was lucky to have made things happen.

What about my emotions? I was never into fooling around with emotions. I was there for the moment, for the carnage. What about their emotions? I would say, I was gone sooner than it all started. It was clear to them that I was not into it for the long haul.

Now, I have somehow straightened out my life. While I am struggling to keep my mischief in my head, so far, I have been successful.

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