Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Whitney Houston is back with dignity

It is good to have Whitney Houston back onstage, doing what she does best. I was not at London's O2; Yahoo! brought her concert to my screen. The bit of rust was evident, but let us not be too hard on her. We cannot expect her performance to be perfect after a long hiatus. She will get her rhythm back.

Anyway, Yahoo! highlighted a scene wherein Whitney brought a young girl onstage to sing, "The Greatest Love of All." It was quite moving to hear the girl belt out the line, "No matter what they take from me, they can't take away my dignity." I thought there was truth to the line, especially for kids who are young and pure.

Dignity is what a lot of us have lost. We allowed people and circumstances to take away our dignity, either directly or indirectly. I am not the kid who sang with Whitney; I am neither young nor pure. I may have fizzled along the way, but I am trying my best to pick up where I left off.

Looking around, I see people who once had it. Dignity that went on sale, usually to the highest bidder. Anyway, their dignity is not my problem; I have mine to tend.

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