Thursday, February 4, 2010

Valentine on the drawing board

Every end of the month, I come up with a summary of the work that we had just accomplished (for that particular month): accomplishments against targets and issues that were hurdled or those that could arise. The report will also include specific goals for the following month and the requirements of those new targets. If not for the said scorecard, it will be like sailing out into the ocean without a compass.

February, as we all know, is popular for being a "heart" month. Of course, we have plans for our clients. The objective is to subtly nurture goodwill. No need for anything elaborate, simple knick-knacks should do the trick.

Businesswise, my plan, our plan for the upcoming occasion is clear. Crystal. However, on the other side of the plane, personalwise, I am still on the drawing board. Or should I be a little more snappy, display an abundance of love at home, live my married life to the fullest, and start sailing purposefully?

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