Thursday, December 3, 2009

Love at its grandest

Inay, my grandmother-in-law, passed away three days ago, after years of confinement to her bed. The hip injury, four years earlier, greatly affected her quality of life. To be honest, I thought her death was better for her; it put an end to her agony.

I was with a client when Shiela informed me that we needed to rush to Inay's place. Apparently, my grandmother-in-law died in the arms of her caregiver while the latter was trying to feed her. My wife was restless, and I had to calm her down. Since I had no plans of rudely disrupting my meeting, I discreetly sent a text saying that we will go soon after I finish. Of course, Shiela could not wait and went her way.

Anyway, I ended up telling my client that someone in our family died; nonetheless, we could still continue. My rationale: Life must go on for the living. We will pay our respects, but whether we go sooner or later, nothing else could be done.

When my wife got to Inay's place, most of the members of the family were already there. Regardless of my grandmother-in-law's lifeless condition, the family wanted to be with her. It did not need to be a life and death situation for them to act hurriedly. Clearly, the family was drawn together by flesh and love.

As an outsider myself, I could feel the outpour of very strong emotions. It was not just customary; everything was genuine. I wish I could declare the same for my own family. Inay was bedridden for the longest time, yet her children persisted to extend her life. Definitely, another first for me.


Sibel said...

I do recognize your characteristics in most American, I do not believe it is you in particular. It seems that American have been lobotomized, left emotionless to basic feelings, like empathy, forced from youth to strive for only one thing; Success, wealth and status at any cost.
Family has lost its meaning, extended family is non existent.
Please do not thing that I meant to insult, I just made an observation.
I enjoy your honesty and will follow your journey...

Prodigal Son 35 said...

hi Sibel,

thank you for dropping by. more thanks for your comments. i am open to feedback as they make me a better person. cheers!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for your loss.

I am British and have been living in the States for a while and I have to agree with Sibel's comment. This country is driven by money & power.

Prodigal Son 35 said...

hi zoe858,

thank you very much for your sympathy. it means a lot to me.

i concur..., but add my country to the list.


Dorothy Rimson said...

Really shocking to see all these things going on in my very own country.

Prodigal Son 35 said...

hi Dorothy Rimson,

thanks for dropping by.