Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Over salmon

Just had dinner with my wife: salmon, salad, rice, and dessert (chocolate, a household favorite). It left me satisfied but not full, just the way it should be. Yes, appetizing too for it was not one of my Shiela's cookings. Kidding aside, in our household, whatever is on the table will get into our stomachs. I will always give my wife an A+ for her efforts; they will always count. As for results, she is getting there. (Good thing we are not talking business here; otherwise, she will have to pack her bags.)

Shiela and I had a good conversation, diverse yet related. We talked about global warming, the flood that hit our country, life after the calamity, my propensity to use my charm to woo the unsuspecting, and so forth.

The flood was like no other. It was unfathomable. In fact, some parts of the country are still under water. Indeed, the misfortune could strike us again. However, I was quick to point out to my wife that the rainbow is our living reminder that we will not be totally wiped out. What about global warming? Probably, it should be called global warning: The earth will be getting hotter by the day. No more floods, only this time a burning furnace.

With regard to my wooing the unsuspecting(s), my faith has just been tested again (again and again). Fortunately, I have been rekindling my relationship with God; hence, my thoughts and actions are more cautious. Like a baseball player, I would prepare (be tempted) to bat but not go for the full swing. I do not expect a home run anymore. Why step into the diamond in the first place? Anyway, the thought of the burning furnace is helping me win by default.

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