Monday, March 2, 2009

Lessons from Mr. Bean

My little Stefanie is so fond of Mr. Bean. Being a kid, her attention span is supposed to be short but not when Mr. Bean is clowning around. She simply goes gaga over him. I could only wonder why.

I was never a fan of Mr. Bean. I thought of his humor as off the wall and boringly stupid. Maybe I was unfair to have pre-judged him without much consideration. I have not even sat down in any of his shows.

One day, Stefanie dragged me to watch what she dotingly called, "her favorite;" so there I was, a trying-to-be-supportive dad, about to agonize over the antics of the man and his tiny car. To my surprise, bit by bit, I was being consumed by Mr. Bean. I took a look at my little Stefanie and saw the smile of the happiest kid in town. In no time, we were both laughing silly.

Mr. Bean does not talk much. He speaks mainly through his actions. As it is, my Stefanie loves him. Mr. Bean gives her joy. (I am sure my Nicole would love him too.) What more if the character could articulate through words?

In the real world, a lot of us are so un-Mr. Bean. Instead of holding people in our arms, we drive them away. Many of us use the gift of gab to inflict the deepest of wounds. What beauty does it bring? It is a shame I had to learn from the mum Mr. Bean.

Life is too short not to let people know how much we care. Let us not miss the opportunity in this lifetime. Be someone else's Mr. Bean.

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